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Enjoy your meal!

Now that you’ve enjoyed a good meal using your L’Aquàrium de Barcelona place mat…

here are the 7 solutions to the spot-the-difference puzzle:

L'Aquàrium 7

Remember to use the L’Aquàrium discount coupon to get your photo.


All ages.

Print out and enjoy our colourful posters of sharks, beaches, Mediterranean coral reefs, etc.
You can use our marine biology and ecosystem posters for many fun activities at home and at school.
How to do it


  1. Print out the poster or posters you like best.
  2. Become a researcher and see how many organisms you can find or identify on the poster.
  3. Don’t forget to bring your poster with you the next time you visit L’Aquàrium and see how many of these marine animals you can find in our aquariums.
poster-posidoniaicon-pdf Neptune Grass poster-fondo-y-playa Beach poster-tiburones



For children aged 4-7.

Print out pictures of your favourite marine animals to colour in, like the ocean sunfish or the seahorse.


For children aged 3-10.
Would you like to invite your friends to your birthday party at L’Aquàrium?
You can print out the invitations here.

Birthday Party Invitation

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