Marine animals and flora

The magic of Christmas arrives to L’Aquàrium de Barcelona!

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona invites you to live the magic of Christmas surrounded by fish, sharks, and other interesting species. As every year, we have prepared a range of activities to be enjoyed with your family during this period that revolves around the illusion of children.     From December 21st to January 6th you will […]

Looking for children-friendly plans in Barcelona? Visit L’Aquàrium!

Looking for children-friendly plans in Barcelona? Visit L’Aquàrium! Are you ready to immerse yourself and explore the Barcelona sea floor with your family? Do you like putting on your goggles and flippers to swim?   They say that in order to see, first you have to learn how to look. In L’Aquàrium de Barcelona you […]


AQUASCAPING   Aquascaping, a recreation of idyllic, natural underwater landscapes. An exhibition inspired by Takashi Amano, naturalist, traveler, photographer and creator of the concept nature aquarium. Don’t forget to visit it on the top floor.         TAKASHI AMANO (天野 Amano) 1954-2015 Niigata, Japan. A renowned naturalist, tireless traveller, prestigious photographer, landscaper and the creator of the Natural […]


BIRDS OR FISH?   Penguins belong to a group of birds that cannot fly; their wings are adapted for swimming. For this reason, people used to think of them as fish. All penguins belong to the same family: Spheniscidae. The penguin’s original name comes from a bird native to the North Atlantic islands which became […]