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Banngal cardinal fish

Scientific name: Pterapogon kaudermi


The banngal cardinal fish is white with black bands crossing it vertically. It is a fish with a large mouth, sharp, cutting dorsal fins, completely separate from the soft ones and generally raised. Its maximum size is 8 to 9 cm.


These are fish of night habits that hide among the coral during the day, living in small groups.
It is a carnivore that hunts at night, feeding on anelids and plankton.

Its reproduction is oviparous. The male incubates the eggs in its mouth until they hatch.


The banngal cardinal fish is a fish that lives on the coral reefs on sandy or rocky beds. It abounds among the fields of the Enhalus seaweed.


It lives in the Indian-Pacific, now almost entirely restricted to the Banggai Islands (Indonesia).


Species not evaluated (according to the red list of endangered species).


The fact that it has night habits means that its eyes are very large.


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