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Harlequin tuskfish

Scientific name: Lienardella fascista


The colouring of the body of the harlequin tuskfish is grey, crossed by vertical red or orange bands, with a blue edge. The dorsal and anal fins are orange or red and the caudal and pelvic fins have a red trim. The mouth has highly characteristic blue teeth.

Its maximum size is 25 cm.


This is a fish that needs a lot of space and a soft bed to rest at night.

It feeds on crustaceans and small fish and is therefore a carnivore.

Its reproduction is oviparous. There is a dominant male that controls a group of females, and if this male dies, a female will become the dominant male.


It is a fish that lives on coral shields.


It is in the Indian-Pacific, above all in Australia.


Species not evaluated (according to the red list of endangered species).


It is characterised as having sharp, blue teeth seen even when its mouth is closed.


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