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Scientific name: Selene vomer


The lookdown is a fish highly compressed on the side, with an almost vertical face and the mouth turned downwards. Its colour is silver.

Its maximum size is 50 cm and its maximum weight, 2 kg.


This fish is normally gregarious, but we might also find it in couples or alone.
It feeds on small crustaceans, fish and worms, and is therefore a carnivorous animal.
Its reproduction is oviparous, that is, it lays eggs.


It is a fish that lives in coastal waters (1 to 50 m in depth) on rocky or sandy beds.


It is in the Western Atlantic (Central American coast).


Species not evaluated (according to the red list of endangered species).


Its scientific name is Selene vomer from the Greek god of the moon, as its silver colouring reminds us of moonlight. In fact it is also know as pez luna. It gives out sharp sounds similar to snoring, with its swimming bladder and pharyngeal teeth.