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Moorish idol

Scientific name: Zanclus cornutus

The moorish idol is a fish with a high body compressed on the sides. Its colouring is light yellow and white with dark bands. It has a protractile beak with a small mouth and sharp teeth, used to seek food among the grooves and cracks of the coral.
Its maximum size is 25 cm.

It is a fish of gregarious habits that lives in a group.
It feeds mainly on sponges.
It has oviparous reproduction, that is, it lays eggs.

The moorish idol lives on coral and rocky reefs. From inside ports to depths of up to 182 m.

It is found in Eastern Africa, Mexico, Japan and Hawaii.

Species not evaluated (according to the red list of endangered species).

Its common name comes from its veneration by certain moslem Arab populations. When they catch it they return it to the sea very ceremoniously.