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Poisonous dart frogs


Known as poisonous dart frogs, this family of small day-time frogs is characterised by the bright colouring that warns of their toxicity, as some species secrete toxic alkaloids through their skin which serve as a defence against their predators. They lay in damp areas protected by the vegetation. The males transport their tadpoles on their backs to watery areas where they complete their development into adult individuals.

Habitat: jungle areas of Central and South America.
Diet: ants and other insects.
Reproduction: oviparous.
Curiosities: the Columbian indigenous peoples impregnated their hunting arrows with the poison of some dendrobatides, such as Phyllobates terribilis, which has one of the strongest poisons that exists.
Status: 27.8% of species of this family are in danger of extinction according to the Red List of Threatened Species (2008).