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Zebra sea bream

Scientific name: Diplodus cervinus


The zebra sea bream is a fish with a silver colouring with five wide vertical black or brown bands. It has a long beak and a small mouth.

Its maximum size is 55 cm and it has a maximum weight of 2.5 kg.


It is a solitary species that usually goes around in pairs or in small groups. When it is young, it forms “schools” of 4 or 5 individuals of different sizes.

It is an omnivore that eats invertebrates and small marine algae.

Its reproduction is oviparous. They are proterandric hermaphrodites, that is, first they are males and then they become females.


The zebra sea bream is a bentopelagic animal typical of rocky beds, that lives at depths of up to 80 metres.


It is a fish that can be found from the east of the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, in South Africa, including Madeira and the Canary Islands, but not in Cabo Verde, Senegal and the gulf of Guinea.


Species not evaluated (according to the red list of threatened species).


They are high appreciated in harpoon fishing; they have a lot of needles, but their meat is very tasty.