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Painted comber

Scientific name: Serranus scriba


The painted comber is a fish with an intricate, characteristic blue and red drawing on its head. The adults have a bright blue stain on their belly.

Its maximum size is 25 cm.


This is a highly territorial, solitary fish that defends its space from its companions of the same species.
It preferably feeds on small fish and crustaceans and is therefore a carnivore.

It is an oviparous species. During the gestation, from May to August, thus species may be seen in couples. In the event of danger the animals flee to safe hiding places. This is a true hermaphrodite, where the ovules and sperm mature simultaneously, allowing internal fertilisation. It fixes its eggs to the stones.


It lives on rocky beds covered in algae and marine meadows, from the surface waters to depths of 30 m.


It is found in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the western Atlantic to the Bay of Biscay.


Species not evaluated (according to the red list of threatened species).

This fish is also called a scribe due to the drawing on its head, which reminds us of Arab writing.