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With respect to the services and use of this website (hereinafter Web) the user is only authorised if they accept all of the terms , conditions, communications, warnings and other legal notices contained therein. The connections with other sites and the use you may make of them are also subject to the present General Conditions and Terms of Use, or any specific ones that might be mentioned in the Web. Any use other than that authorised is expressly forbidden.


All rights on the content of this Web belong to ASPRO OCIO S.A., except for those that belong to their partners or collaborating companies with which there is an agreement. The design, images, animations, videos, maps, drawings, frames, banners, software and its different codes, font and object and other elements making up this Web are the property of ASPRO OCIO S.A., which legitimately holds the exclusive rights of use thereon. As a result, any user who enters this Web may not copy the content, modify it, distribute it, transmit it, reproduce it, publish it, license it, grant it, send it or transmit it in any way, or create new products and services derived from the information and elements contained herein. Authorisation is given only for mere viewing and loading for the personal, non commercial use of the user, without this being able to be extended to other people or entities. In the case of designs, images, animations, videos, maps, drawings, frames, banners, the software and its different codes, font and object appearing herein owned by companies or entities collaborating with ASPRO OCIO S.A., these conditions and protection will also apply, depending on the express consent in writing of the said companies or entities. ASPRO OCIO S.A. will ensure that the contents of this Web are not of pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist, defamatory nature or in any way encourage violence, and will try to prevent the insertion of anomalies and illicit actions in the Internet community, and will try to avoid other circumstance that might be clearly harmful for users. All technological or technical resources are prohibited by which a third party or user might benefit with or without profit from the content, form, indices and other formal expressions that form part of this Web. Particularly prohibited is any alteration of the Web that might affect its current content.


The user agrees that by clicking on the links that send them to the webs of other companies, they no longer navigate in and exonerate ASPRO OCIO S.A. from any liability, harm or damage resulting from contracting with the other companies. The user stops navigating on its pages or when the linked web does not show the Aquàrium de Barcelona trademark and the address or name of the domain does not contain the name . ASPRO OCIO S.A. guarantees that all collaborating companies have declared to ASPRO OCIO S.A. that their activities are licit, true and that they are duly constituted companies and entities; however ASPRO OCIO S.A. does not assume any liability for the products sold or the services given by the said companies, nor for the exact, due compliance with the said services or contracts. ASPRO OCIO S.A. is unable to control or accept liability for the compliance of collaborating companies with their legal obligations. This Legal Disclaimer holds in each and every one of its instances according to Spanish law.

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