1. When is L’Aquàrium de Barcelona open?

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is open every day of the year.

2. From what age do children have to pay to enter?

Children pay from 3 years old. Check out L’Aquàrium de Barcelona’s prices.

3. What time do the ticket offices close?

The ticket offices close an hour before the aquarium closes. Check out the opening hours.

4. How long does a visit take?

To make the most of your visit, we recommend at least 2 hours, although you can spend as long as you wish in L’Aquàrium on the day of your visit.

5. How many people make up a group?

15 people and over are considered to be a group. If you’re coming as a group, we recommend that you book prior to your visit by telephoning 93 221 7474.

6. If I leave the premises, can I go back in later?

If you leave, you’ll have to pay again to come back in. We provide all of the services necessary to enjoy the whole day at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona.

7. Are L’Aquàrium’s special offers and promotions accumulable?

Special offers and promotions cannot be accumulated. They have to be presented at the ticket office in order to be validated.

8. If I have a discount, can it be applied when I buy tickets online?

No, discounts can only be applied by presenting them at one of L’Aquàrium de Barcelona’s ticket offices. These discounts are not accumulable.

9. Is it better to buy tickets online or can they be purchased at the ticket office without any difference?

If you buy your ticket online, you don’t have to queue up to get in.

10. If I buy tickets online, what do I have to bring along to get into L’Aquàrium de Barcelona.

Once you have bought the advance ticket, you can show the mobile with the purchase or print the receipt where a barcode appears that you will have to show at the entrance of L’Aquàrium.

11. Is L’Aquàrium de Barcelona accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, all of its facilities are completely accessible to people with disabilities so that they can fully enjoy their visit.

12. Can I leave my personal belongings anywhere?

Lockers are available to ensure that your visit to L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is as comfortable as possible.

13. Can visitors bring their pets to the aquarium?

Our rules do not permit this. As it is a closed space and there are no pet care facilities, it is not permitted