Behind the scenes

Behind the aquariums, there is another side to L’Aquàrium de Barcelona. A large team of highly-qualified professionals using the latest technology look after the wellbeing and health of over 11,000 sea creatures.

Temperature, salinity, water quality, lighting and the recreation of each ecosystem are painstakingly analysed to ensure that all aquarium inhabitants, some of which are especially difficult to keep in captivity, can be accommodated.

L’Aquàrium’s biologists have the great responsibility of looking after marine animals from over 450 different species, ranging from tiny invertebrates to penguins and sharks measuring more than 3 metres. It is not an easy task since each of the species that inhabits L’Aquàrium requires special attention, and in some cases, have to be treated with extreme delicacy.

Since L’Aquàrium de Barcelona opened, research has been a major priority and, through this work, it has gained international recognition as a research centre. Particularly notable are the agreements L’Aquàrium has signed with various universities and research centres.