Guided tour + experimental workshop

What are fish like? How do they eat, swim and breathe? How do they breed?
Through direct observation and handling of different fish, the pupils will identify the main characteristics of these creatures: fins, gills, scales… and their senses. They will also learn about how fish adapt their shape to their habitats.

Number of pupils: Maximum 25.

Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Materials for teachers:

– Teacher’s guide with general information about the aquariums.

– Activity script (downloadable in PDF format from our website).

Price: €10 per pupil.

Price includes: Admission + guided tour + workshop + materials.

– The environment and its conservation.

– The world of living beings.

Remember! You also gain free admission to EXPLORA!, PLANETA AQUA, the Jewels of the Sea exhibition and the panoramic terrace, and can see all of the aquariums again.