MAXIMum length


90 cm





Actividad diurna


The barrel jellyfish has a blueish white umbrella with a violet colored edge. It does not have tentacles, instead having 8 fused oral arms without branching.
The small jellyfish of this species are more common in spring, while adults usually appear in summer and at the start of autumn.

It is considered a coastal species, generally present near the surface. It is moderately venomous but not as deadly as other species. Effects include a burning sensation on the skin, dermatitis, and ulcers which confirms it is toxic to humans. However, it does not pose a serious threat to humans.

Interesting facts

Under stressful situations they can secrete a stinging jelly, being able to produce itching even if it has not been in direct contact with our skin. 

In Asia, they are a source of bioactive compounds used in traditional food and medicine.


Conservation status

Conservation status

Not Evaluated