A little bite of sea


Volume: 39,28 m3


 Lighting: Half-high


Temperature: 14/18ºC


Zonation: Infralitoral-circalitoral

Many organisms have little contact with the sea bed; they spend their lives floating or swimming in the immensity of the sea.

We talk about the pelagic community to refer to the marine bodies that swim or float in open waters or on the continental shelf. This is a community that does not depend on the sea bed, but which might visit it occasionally. Generally, the fish in this community are silver in color, spindle-like in shape and have powerful muscles to allow them to swim quickly. They also frequently have dark colouring above and light below, to blend in with the bed or the clarity of the light.

Some species live in large schools to protect themselves from their enemies and to hunt more effectively. These are gregarious species. On the other hand, other species live alone, occasionally relating to individuals of the same species and attacking alone.

By contrast, the benthonic community is formed by organisms that closely depend on the bed, from which they often obtain refuge and food. The fishes of this community normally try to blend in with the bed and are therefore brown with dark stains. They usually have a more rounded tail in order not to create turbulence when they swim and to avoid being discovered.

Other common marine organisms that can be found in this community: