Pre-coralline community


Volume: 5,85 m3


 Lighting: Half-low


Temperature: 14/18ºC


Zonation: (15-25 m) Infralitoral

When the light falls short, the green plants are progressively replaced by colonies of incrusted animals that form a singular habitat.

The floors that give way to the coralline community are called pre-coralline. This pre-coralline community is considered an area of transition and is characterized by its biological richness. When it penetrates through the water, the light is progressively absorbed and rapidly attenuates in the depths. This means that different algae have to occupy the space selectively, establishing different areas of preference according to the intensity and quality of the light that reaches them. The organisms living in these areas have reddish colorings that allow them to camouflage themselves in surroundings where red light does not reach.

Other common marine organisms that can be found in this community: