Shallow rocky coastal community


Volume: 90,56 m3


Lighting: High


Temperature: 14/18ºC


 Zonation: (0-15m) Medium Infralitoral

The shallow rocky environments near the coast contain a large amount of cracks that serve as a refuge for many organisms. This area is characterized by its highly oxygenated waters and generally warmer than those of the lower layers. We find photophilic vegetation (which needs a lot of light) and green and brown algae. Generally, it is an area with great biological heterogeneity.

The animals in these environments develop defense mechanisms such as needles associated with poisonous glands, or the adoption of cryptic colors (similar to those of the surroundings). There are also many animals that seek refuge in the cracks and holes in the rocks, such as the moray (Muraena helena).

Other common marine organisms that can be found in this community: