Shark eggs kindergarden


Volume: 2,61 m3


Lighting: Low


Temperature: 14/16ºC


 Zonation: (15-25 m) Infralitoral-circalitoral

Hanging between the corals and marine plants, you can get a close look at the shark eggs in the aquarium.
Also known as mermaids’ purses because of their shape, shark eggs, like those belonging to the catshark, have a long and quite transparent shell that enables you to see how the shark embryos are developing inside. The egg capsule also features tendrils on its ends to ensure that the eggs remain attached to the corals and marine vegetation and prevent them from being swept away by the currents.

Look closely at the eggs because you might be able to see the embryos move inside and also look at the bottom of the aquarium because some have already been born.