Interactive science theatre

Upper infant and lower primary

Maximum of 50 students

2 hours

Discover and imagine with the help of marine characters and stories. The children learn about life at the bottom of the sea in a fun and easily-understandable way.


Evarist, a tropical clown fish, has been lost and has reached the Mediterranean Sea. How can he return to his sea? How will he find his anemone? With the help of your students and the fish of the sea, he will surely succeed.

Through the activity, the boys and girls will identify some characteristics of the fish, such as their colors, and relate them to the environment in which they live. Participating and enjoying the experience will also enhance awareness of respect for and conservation of the natural environment.

Jordi, the largest shark in L’Aquàrium, has disappeared. Doctor Pandora, with the help of her friends from the bottom of the sea, will try to find him. Will they get it?

Throughout the activity, boys and girls will learn about the different characteristics and adaptations of the animals that live at the bottom of the sea, through the clues that Doctor Pandora will follow to discover where the missing shark is.

Price: 12,60€ per pupil. Includes: Guided tour + theatre.

Remember! You also gain free admission to PLANETA AQUA and to the children’s area EXPLORA!