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Discover the most interesting creatures in L’Aquàrium de Barcelona


Discover the most interesting creatures in L’Aquàrium de Barcelona



Autumn brings a new season to L’Aquàrium de Barcelona. Some interesting creatures will steal the attention from the sharks and the penguins, and surprise us with their strange skills. Axolotls, boxfish, morays, chameleons, porcupine fish, and rays are a box full of surprises! Would you like to discover the mysteries they hide? We make it easy for you. Every weekend from September 28 to December 15 we have prepared different exclusive activities so that you can come meet them with your family!


The “Ray feeding time” activity allows you to closely watch how rays feed while learning about their most interesting features explained by their caretakers. Did you know that they have a highly venomous sting on their tail that they use for protection? If you are still eager to learn, check out the guided visit “A sea full of strange fish” to discover in depth the most incredible facts about the animals that live in Mediterranean and tropical aquariums. And if you haven’t had enough, try solving our Game of clues! The youngest, and also the not-so-young, will enjoy craft activities such as Face painting, that will help them camouflage themselves amongst sea creatures, and Design your own flextangle, that will test their inventiveness while they cut, paint, and paste. Participants in the latter activity will take a souvenir home – a personalized flextangle!

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