27 de October de 2022

Are you ready to immerse yourself and explore the Barcelona sea floor with your family? Do you like putting on your goggles and flippers to swim?

They say that in order to see, first you have to learn how to look. In L’Aquàrium de Barcelona you will have a good time and get ready to know the species that you will later find when swimming in the sea. Here you will learn about the different Mediterranean communities that you will find when visiting us and discover species such as rainbow wrasses, greenfish, starfish, sea urchins, dreamfish, two-banded seabreams…

Children in L'Aquàrium

How many animals are you able to identify when you go to the beach?

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona gives you the opportunity to see the different species to recognize them more easily when going to the Barcelona beach with your family – to see how the surmullets stir the sand with their barbels to search for food, how dreamfish and two-banded seabreams swim in sync, or how red scorpionfish perfectly camouflage themselves with the rocks. You can also download the”20 interesting facts you should know” before your visit to L’Aquàrium so that you don’t forget to see the most surprising details. In the tropical aquariums we will hopefully find Nemo -the clownfish and its anemones-, the most venomous fish, sea horses… However, the most popular aquariums are the ones that serve as home to the fascinating sharks.

The most astonishing one is the bull shark, with its sharp teeth and large dimensions. Playing to identify the different species is also great fun – there are 10 different species! If you’re lucky, you will even see shark eggs with baby sharks moving inside, as they are quite see-through.

Children will also enjoy seeing penguins in action – feeding, playing, and grooming. Penguins are located on the upper floor, in Planeta Aqua, together with other animals that have adapted to live in different aquatic environments, such as jellyfish, or piranhas in tropical rivers, amongst others. The youngest ones will have a great time playing inside the bathyscaphe, where they can explore the sea depths, and also discovering a beach or a Medas islands cave amongst sledges and corridors in the Explora!

Experiencing L’Aquàrium is like snorkeling, but without getting wet and while having a good time with your family in Barcelona!