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The Chinese water dragon is a reptile that inhabits tropical areas of Southeast Asia. Their eyes are large, with very rounded pupils and thick eyelids. Their bodies are slender and bright green. In addition, adult males have striking white or even pinkish scales on their chin, a very long tail that can be almost twice as long as their body and sharp, strong claws that they use for climbing.

They are diurnal, semi-arboreal animals and usually live in forests, on low branches from which they jump into the water if they detect danger. Adult males reach about 80 cm in length – including the tail –, while females are slightly smaller. 

The Chinese water dragon is considered an omnivorous reptile, although their diet in the wild is mainly based on insects, as they are abundant and can be easily captured. 

Their behaviour is quite nervous, shy and always alert. They are very territorial and live in groups formed by a dominant male and his group of females. During the breeding season, the male begins courtship by chasing the female and shaking his head to attract her attention. They are oviparous. After copulation, gestation lasts 2 to 3 months, and the eggs incubate for 90 days.

Interesting facts

The Chinese water dragon is threatened by the destruction of its habitat and its trade as an exotic pet.


Conservation status

Conservation status