The Medes Islands


Volume: 125,32 m3


Lighting: Half-low


Temperature: 14/18ºC


Zonation: Infralitoral-circalitoral

The Medes Islands are one of the most important reserves of marine flora and fauna in the western Mediterranean. This small archipelago is formed by seven small chalky islands and some reefs, with a total surface area of 21.5 hectares. It is located one mile offshore in front of L’Estartit beach.

The Medes Islands have been a protected area since 1990, and are the most important marine park in Catalonia. This marine reserve is an exceptional place for fish, for as human exploitation disappears, the number, variety and size of the species rapidly increase. However, a protected area suffers the problems derived from excessive diving.

Other common marine organisms that can be found in this community: