Poisonous and aggressive fish


Volume: 11,48 m3


Lighting: High


Temperature: 23/27ºC

Zonation: Infralitoral

Many species of fish have developed mechanisms to defend themselves from predators, such as poisons needles, electrical discharges or aggressive behavior. Some species warn of their danger with bright colors.

Among the many organisms that live on coral reefs, many have acquired different adaptations for active defense, which often and accidentally may be a danger for humans, even though, in appearance, they are peaceful organisms of singular beauty. Poisonous needles, electrical discharges and even aggressive behavior are some of the examples of the defensive adaptations used most widely in this medium. Some species warn of their danger with bright colors on their skin, and others can change their colors to pass unnoticed and blend into the medium that surrounds them, and even imitate other fish feared in the ecosystem.

Other common marine organisms that can be found in this community