14 de December de 2022


If you’re looking for an original Christmas present, L’Aquàrium de Barcelona offers you several experiences that will surely please everyone. Take a look at them and choose the ones you like best!

For the bravest and most daring, we have two proposals to closely see the sharks and other fish that live in the Oceanarium, the largest Mediterranean tank at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona:

Shark cage diving

Your adventure as a scuba diver from an observation platform begins.  An instructor will teach you all about common diving signals, using a regulator and breathing underwater. You’ll practice buoyancy control and moving around by means of underwater rings while you observe all of our guests: sharks, rays, moray eels, and other species.  

Come and enjoy our facilities and you’ll discover all of the hidden mysteries of marine animals. Give it a go and experience something unique!

You will find all the information about the activity here .

Dive with sharks

After a talk with the divers, who will explain the features of the Oceanarium, interesting facts about the interaction of sharks with other sea creatures and the dos and don’ts of being in the tank, participants can enjoy a unique experience and observe at first-hand what they have learned.

Once in the Oceanarium, they will be closer than ever to these animals and be able to see how more than 15 sharks behave in a tank containing 4 million liters of water and more than 5,000 organisms, such as moray eels, groupers, rays and other species.

You will find all the information about the activity here .

For the youngest members of the family, we recommend different activities. In “Aquarist for a day” they will become staff of L’Aquàrium de Barcelona for the whole day and learn about the tasks that biologists carry out to care for our animals. Or they could have a sleepover surrounded by our most special guests in “Sleeping with sharks”.

Aquarist for a day

With this activity you will understand how an aquarium works, and learn about the functions of an aquarist or caretaker and the importance of their work. You will prepare food for various species that live in our facilities (rays, sharks, tropical fish and penguins, among others), feed some of the species that live in L’Aquàrium and clean several areas.

You will find all the information about the activity here.

Sleeping with sharks

A night full of activities where you will learn all about sharks: how they behave, how they reproduce, what they do when night falls, and what are the main threats that these special animals face.

You will find all the information about the activity here.

And that’s not all! We offer the chance to gift a different, entertaining and exciting visit to L’Aquàrium de Barcelona. Choose the type of visit that suits you best and surprise your family and friends:

Premium pass

Enjoy an exclusive, personalized visit to L’Aquàrium de Barcelona, the world’s leading Mediterranean aquarium. There won’t be any queues, but you will have an expert guide to tell you all about the secrets of the deep. And we also include a surprising visit to L’Aquàrium technical area, which is usually reserved for our specialist staff.

You will find all the information about the activity here.

Family pack or Friends pack 

If you like to share experiences, L’Aquàrium de Barcelona makes it easy for you. In order to enjoy your visit in good company, whether you come with family or friends, don’t hesitate and gift one of our exclusive ticket packs.

Follow this link to purchase your pack!


If you want to gift an open ticket, it is an option available in L’Aquàrium de Barcelona. With the flexiticket you can  buy your ticket without choosing a date. You have 3 months to come from the day of your purchase. Fllow this link to purchase a flexiticket.