15-25 cm





Actividad diurna


The Atlantic mudskipper is a fish of the goby family, with an elongated and laterally compressed body. Their size ranges from 15 to 25 cm. Their head is very thick and they have two protruding very mobile, periscope-like eyes, which are perfectly adapted for both aerial and underwater vision. They have an ochre base colour, similar to the colour of the sand, and lines without a clear morphological pattern that help them camouflage in the sand. Their pectoral fins are very strong and allow them to move on land. They like to rest on vegetation and soft substrates out of the water, because they keep their gills moist with water reserves that they can carry in their chin and because they can partially breathe atmospheric oxygen through their skin.

It is a generally peaceful species. However, males are extremely territorial and maintain very large territories. During the breeding season, the male digs a tunnel 1 metre deep in the sand so that the female can spawn and he can fertilise the eggs. 

Interesting facts

Pueden llegar a saltar hasta medio metro fuera del agua para atrapar al vuelo insectos y otros pequeños invertebrados. 


Conservation status

Conservation status