Shallow algae community


Volume: 7,02 m3


Lighting: Half-low


Temperature: 14/18ºC


Zonation: (15-25 m) Infralitoral

In shallow, calm waters, superior plants and algae form extensive meadows rich in marine life.

This area is characterized as being calmer and having less light than the surface waters. The progressive attenuation of the light causes a change in the vegetation and general scenery. The vegetable species of algae and marine plants adapted to conditions of little light, esciaphyls, replace those fully adapted to light, the photophyls. We can find green algae colonizing the area thanks to the ryzoids or small roots that keep them fixed to the substrate. The accumulation of their leaves than fall and decompose turn the bed muddy. The fish fauna associated with this vegetable community is around 50 species, including the gobies, striped red mullet, slugs, etc. Occasionally these places are visited by young forms of littoral species in search of refuge.

Other common marine organisms that can be found in this community: