The Red sea


Volume: 11,48 m3


Lighting: High


Temperature: 23/27ºC

Zonation: Infralitoral

Between Africa and the Middle East, this tropical, warm and highly saline sea is home to extensive coral communities.

The Red Sea, with a surface area of 430,000 km2, receives its name from the presence of a floating red coral, Trichodesmium erythraeum, which often appears gathered in red and pink plates on the surface of these waters. Located between Africa and the Middle East, it is a sea with a very high salt concentration 42‰. This is caused by the little water brought in by rivers and the great evaporation on the surface.
There is an extraordinary diverse fauna in this sea, and it is said to be even richer in corals, fish and other marine organisms than the Indian Ocean. Its isolation has brought about endemic species, that is, species exclusive to these regions.

Other common marine organisms that can be found in this community